Product Details

DD-F156 LENS (50 width)

Integral molding line light, low power and high luminous efficacy, DIY modeling splicing

color: Matte black/Matte white

specification: 50 Width

size: L11300*W50*H60

installation: suspension wire

input voltage: AC220-240V/100-277V

watt: 24/ 30/40W

color temperature: 3000-6500K

optics: LENS

Ra: >80

light effect: >130lm/w±10%

UGR: < 19

beam angle: 60°

certification: CCC, CB, CE

PF: 0.5 或 0.9

IP: 20/41

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Product features:

This series of products uses new environmentally friendly material color-coated plate rollers press Craftsmanship + optical lens design + precise anti-glare + multiple angles available.

High-end anti-glare model, which can meet the needs of lighting places with high lighting requirements and supports customization!  

It has a wide range of uses and meets a wide range of market applications.

Installation method: 

suspended wire   suspended rod   Bridge   Ceiling and other installation accessories

Splicing shape:

One-line splicing (i.e. seamless splicing ) T-shaped splicing, Y-shaped splicing, X-shaped splicing, L-shaped splicing, Six-shaped splicing, V-shaped splicing



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