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About Light Green

Shenzhen Light Green International Co., Ltd (referred to as: Light Green) was founded in 2007, in 2011 was named the national high-tech enterprises. Has an industrial base of more than 10,000 square meters, is engaged in the development of LED intelligent lighting and small area lighting products and production, sales, service in one of the professional lighting company. Over the years, we have served many international and domestic famous lighting brands with 15 years of experience in the industry. We are always committed to providing customers around the world with high-quality lighting fixtures.
Management Policy: People-oriented | Business Philosophy: Integrity and Standardization | Management ideology: Harmony, development.


Production Advantages

Our production advantages are reflected in four aspects: equipment, technology, management and talents. This is also the reason why we can remain invincible in the fierce market competition.

Personalized lighting: support different lengths of customized size, to provide a personalized lighting experience.

Customized service: We can provide customers with rapid response to customized product design and production services, efficient and professional ODM & OEM services.

Rapid response: automated production equipment, 3 days to send samples of conventional products, 7 days to send samples of customized products, rapid response to the high demand of customers.

Modular design: LED and power supply modular design, simple and fast assembly.

Light Green in the production scale operation invested in intelligent production lines, million cold bending molding equipment to create the first precedent in the lighting industry. The introduction of 15 advanced automated molding and rolling machine, from the steel body to the lamp body molding every 25 seconds.

15 automated production equipment, style Qi, size Qi, rapid response to customer needs, to achieve efficient cooperation.

10 +

Complete Project Per Month

16 +

Years Practical Experience

96 +

Awesome Team Members

Product Advantages

All of our services are backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our electricians can install anything

High Quality

New environmentally friendly material, Aluminum profile with 3 or 5y warranty.

High Performances

More energy efficient, can achieve high luminous efficiency and low power; screw-less end caps, fast splicing.

Highly Private

More new styles, completely independent development and design, private mold experience.

Highly Variable

Complete accessories, shape changeable, can achieve seamless splicing, DIY modeling splicing, to create a personalized space atmosphere.


A variety of optics PS , Prismatic, honeycomb, grille, PC cover, etc..

Cost Effective

Different materials to meet the needs of different customers, adapted to different scenarios and DIY applications.


Development History

The company has gone through an annual development journey from its establishment to the present.


Shenzhen Light Green International Lighting Co.,Ltd was established.

Export Sales

In 2009, The export sales of LED flat panel light exceeded 30,000 sets, becoming the largest LED flat panel light manufacturer in China.

National High-tech standardization

In 2011, Light Green Was named "national high-tech enterprises" in the same year green lighting as the main drafting unit participated in the "LED flat panel light performance requirements" standard development, the standard was formally implemented in 2012.

300,000 sets of intelligent lighting

In 2013, LED flat panel light in the domestic sales exceeded 300,000 sets, to maintain the LED flat panel light of the largest manufacturer in the industry, the same year, green lighting put forward the city of intelligent architectural lighting concept.

One Belt, One Road

In 2017, the "Shenzhen Belt and Road Economic and Technical Cooperation Association" was organized and formally reached cooperation intentions with the five countries along the Belt and Road: Kazakhstan, Bahrain, Iran, the Czech Republic, and Russia. At present, the association has hundreds of formal members, including 9 listed companies with a total market value of hundreds of billions of yuan.

Expand scale
2021 to present

At the end of 2021, the company formally established a branch in Gangkou Town, Zhongshan City. It based on the led lights, Light Green is mainly engaged in intelligent product development and platform development.

Tsinghua University Side Lighting

In 2008, we cooperated with Shenzhen Graduate School of Tsinghua University, and in the same year, we launched the first side-illuminated flat panel light and ultra-thin downlight in the LED industry, which led the development of similar products in the whole LED lighting industry later on.

100,000 sets

In 2010, we increased our investment by 20 million RMB, and the annual export of side-illuminated series products exceeded 100,000 sets, maintaining the ranking of LED flat panel export NO.1.

Peking University Invention Patent

In 2012, we reached a cooperation with "Broadband Semiconductor Research Center of Peking University", and jointly developed the industry's own LED direct light-emitting flat panel light, and obtained the invention patent of the product.

Smart City Linear Light

In 2015, we reached a cooperation with Dr. Guangdong She, an expert in China's smart city research, and developed the "City Stereo Sensing Network" to make street lighting become a key node of the smart city, and in the same year, we developed the LED line light, which is leading the new trend of commercial lighting.

Smart Production

In 2018, Light Green used to invest millions to create the automatic molding assembly line pioneered in the lighting industry!

Qualification Honor

The company’s complete product qualification certificates/CE . CB . CCC

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